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I gots a wacom tablet what?

2011-04-25 23:21:33 by Deadchick

Alright so yeah, I got this wacom bamboo tablet now. And whats the first thing I drew? A pony, yes a pony, I freaking love these ponies! Anyway, yeah...tested it out, a little awkward at's fun to use though...And note to self, pencil tool=bad when you don't know what you are doing with it. Soooo...yeah...enjoy this little screenie of me making an awfully drawn pony.

Also yeah...if anyone can give me tips or links of tutorials of using the wacom more better, feel free to give them to me! Not gonna let this device on the side, gathering dust. I spent almost 80 bucks for it.

Attempt #2

Attempt #3

I gots a wacom tablet what?

Same thing all day...

2010-10-22 18:33:27 by Deadchick

Well it has happened, I seem to be stuck in rut. There is nothing to do in my daily life that isn't boring. Most of the time I am just here, on the computer all day, on Steam playing Doom and on Gaia online, at times I guess I will draw stuff, but the inspiration comes and goes. Speaking of drawing, I guess I made my own DeviantART profile to just I dunno, show off my crappy art, it's empty at the moment, but it will slowly built up.

But yeah...I am bored...I am just in my house all day! I don't even have a job or go to college at the moment, I take a break from college, but still looking for a job, but this recession sucks, no one wants to hire >n> Blah I am depressing myself now. You know who I have really gotten into? MGMT, their fucking music is catchy, and with Justice? Even better!

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2010-07-19 04:30:44 by Deadchick

Hey guys, what did I miss? I was too busy with work...and school, and some family related things, like my mom being in jail for some identity thief, someone stole her id and framed her...yeah....we need bail. Anyway, other than that, I took care of the house hold.

But anyway, bored of this place, so I saw other sites, and guess what? I became a Gaiafag! Oh and I also been going on the chans alot, mostly on /x/...

But....yeeaaaah....other than that, I guess just played lots of video games as well, like Just Cause 2.

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I thought I would never see the day, I never really thought I would. I Deadchick, is officially bored of this site. I mean, there isn't really much to do here now, just watch flashes, and plays games. I really don't bother posting, since well, it's really interesting at all to me. Always the same threads. Now a days I am just on msn, and browse the net for some interesting articles, reading creepy pasta, anything to keep me on. I have to keep on being the net anyway, since most of my work needs a computer.

But anyway, yeah, if you wanna know what happened to me, then yeah, there you go. Just got bored of this site. I will do my best to be back on here again. I dunno, maybe I should work on my tentacle muffin flash or something.

Rough illustration of a tentacle muffin.

Well, it has finally happened...

What have I been doing?...

2010-02-10 19:46:33 by Deadchick

Oh...not much, just still working as an intern at the company I work at. I made friends with my boss, so I am pretty much on her good side, I can get away with a lot of things :D Oh but what else?...oh still in college, I just need one more year to go and I will finish course. Woo...I will be done at the age of 19. Oh and I have been drawing recently, made a cyclopes hobo and a Ostraffe which will be coming out soon.

What else?...uhh...well I haven't been doing so well mentally, lots of my friends befriending me, got in a couple of fights with random street trash girls, why? Not on purpose of course, they just pick on me! Oh and someone that I really like...well don't know if they like me as much no more...

Also V-day is coming up and is ruining my mind. Yeah I have had bad experiences with that day. So I hate it. Anyway, I guess I will get better when the day is over. I guess some House music will cheer me up.

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What time is it?...

2009-12-23 02:19:30 by Deadchick


Also a new song by me, less superior than Coward Killing Time. Also stay tuned til next year, more of my music coming the way.

Oh and Steam account if you want to add someone that sucks at the game, I am better with a controller, lol. DeadchickNG

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Updates, ng friends, music, blah blah blah and tentacle muffins!

2009-09-06 07:11:13 by Deadchick

Alright, time for me to make a new blog, seeing as my old one had lots and lots of comments that the scroll bar is getting tiny for me, lol tiny, anyway, time to get some things out of the way....

First, my lack of paying attention to NG:
So I really haven't been posting so much on the bbs, as a matter of post per day is declining. I can explain...I have been really busy with work and school. My school really likes to ride you hard when its getting to the end of the semester. is always hard, I don't get paid as I am an intern and what not. But it doesn't is paying my college tuition.

Second, my music:
So you also been wondering, since my hiatus is over and what not, why am I not making music? Reason? well at the moment I am involved in the Power of 3, and I am, well making the music for the game. So I am assuming, PO3 > my single music to put on the AuP.

Third, I read a book! (lol, who reads?):
Anyway, yeah I read a book because I was assigned to for English class. The book is called The Road, by Cormac McCarthy(spoilers!). I thought to myself, "oh boy, another boring book", but I was wrong. The novel was pretty awesome! Read the book, or check the link to see whats about it. It made me cry at the last part though :< I just sure hope they do not mess up the movie.

Fourth, I play too much TF2!
So yeah, I have grown to love this game so much, that hell I have the versions for PS3 and 360, might get it for PC as well sometime. It's awesome! x3 Damn all the classes are awesome (mostly play as the scout) the gameplay is pretty much easy as hell, like the art style, and well it's pretty funny what everyone says. Anyway, yeah I really gotta stop playing that game. But hey...if you are also playing that game for PS3 or 360...lets play sometime! "Dedchik" is my gamertag and "deadchick-ng" is my PSN id.

UPDATE: NOW ON PC! AWESOMENESS!!!! steam account is DeadchickNG.

LASTY! what everyone was waiting for, my NG friends!
I made lots of friends here, and I am pretty much glad I did, about damn time, lol...anyway here they are...I will add more details about everyone when I get the time, oh and by the way, this is new new updated list.

Derek- Someone that I really like, he is nice and I like to talk to him a lot on msn, but he hardly gets on, so yeah, pretty difficult, but I still like talking to him.
azteca89-My friend til the end, helped me around Ng and what not. He is like the awesome brother I always wanted, oh a crappy brother, lol.
chainsaw8877-Friend on msn, he makes me laugh and stuff, I likes him.
AliveGirl-My friend irl, and my friend on NG, we met in summer school and stuff. Hardly posts though.
Moltenstar-A long lost awesome friend of mine that left me and went to Arizona :< But I still get to talk to her, which is awesome <3
MissingNYC-Meh...I guess we are still friends, one of the first people I met on NG. Hardly talks to me on msn now though, too busy talking to other people more important me, like mods. You know...*kiss* *kiss* *on knees* :o
WarteryMind-Awesome guy to talk to on msn, makes himself look all crazy and messed up and what not, but is actually pretty nice to me, lol :D <3
firemaker60-A guy I can talk to when it comes to videogames and other geeky stuff, which make me likes him lots.
Ininite-one-Also another awesome guy I talk to on msn, he is really nice, and awesome :3
Skybolt-DX-Really likes catgirls, but he knows he likes me more, lol.
Alfie-Umm...he is British, that makes him awesome, and we also talk on msn.
Lagamuffin-He added me on his friend list, so I will add him as well :o
Black-Ops-Umm, he was mean at first, but then he got really nice on msn, well to me anyway, thank you Grants :3 <3
SuperSonicDude109-He comments a lot on my blogs, almost like we are having a convo, so yeah, also awesome :o
yugimt-One of the fabs I actually like, yeah he is a pretty cool kid, quotes my posts and is not an ass about it. You are cool in my book kid =P
Lunaful-Another nice guy on the forums, also quotes my posts, and like, yeah is nice to me, I like nice people :3
Tobi-Another nice user that quotes my posts. Also makes interesting threads....yeah threads...
InDuStRiEl-And yet another user on NG that replies to my quotes and what not on the forums, so yeah, another nice guy. Also he is having a baby, so good for him. Also, it's official, bot of use are blood brother and sister...awesome! :o


Anyway, thats all really. And to my friends and visitors, I give you some muffins I made. Uh...except they are slimy...and green...and have eyes...oh...and have tentacles....enjoy! :D

Yeah I really can't bake >_>

Updates, ng friends, music, blah blah blah and tentacle muffins!

Done with hiatus...

2009-07-22 21:00:58 by Deadchick

Yeah, this hiatus was pretty short, but I gotta start going back to work now and make more music. Been playing too much Orange Box and hanging around with friends. Not to mention, yeah...I got school and work now. Sure, it was a fun summer, but I gotta move on. I felt worthless doing nothing anyway, so I am sorta glad I got work and school now. Anyway, yeah, to start this right, I made a new song. So yeah, I am back people, lol. Also this would be my brain during the whole summer. Bad brain, we gotta work now!

Done with hiatus...

Bored, still on hiatus, and oh I finally gots a new printer!

2009-06-05 00:09:06 by Deadchick

This hiatus of no making music is driving me to boredom. So you probably you are saying to yourself, why don't I just get off of it then? Well to tell you the truth, I really don't know lol, maybe I am losing some of those creative juices, anyway yeah me bored and just posted this random post cause I got nothing better to do. Oh and I also got a new printer with a scanner that works, so yeah I tested it out and I like the results. Here is the pic I scanned, one of my random sketches I do when I am at work or school, the result of a giraffe and ostrich having their way with each other. I call it um...a...well I have no damn clue what should I call it. Maybe when I make a flash of my own this guy will be involved. I don't know, got any ideas for names?

EDIT: By the way, it has a name now, it's Charles, and he is an ostraffe. And oh, how awesome is this gif !? Thanks to RubberNinja for making it, awesome guy :3

Bored, still on hiatus, and oh I finally gots a new printer!

Mah hiatus

2009-05-13 20:52:44 by Deadchick

Alright so like the title says it all, I am gonna go on a little hiatus with my music seeing as I got lots of school work, and my work keeps riding me hard (lol hard). Also I set my little personal goal by submitting twelve audio entries this year. Maybe I will submit like twelve more next year, or myabe not, I don't know lol. I just wanna take a break from this music stuff, and get back to my work (interior design, homework,etc.). Well anyway yeah, not the biggest news, but something I just wanted to say. Hope you guys enjoyed my work.

Oh and check out
Derek's flash game. Why am I promoting his work? Cause he is awesome and yeah
: P

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