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Entry #28

I gots a wacom tablet what?

2011-04-25 23:21:33 by Deadchick

Alright so yeah, I got this wacom bamboo tablet now. And whats the first thing I drew? A pony, yes a pony, I freaking love these ponies! Anyway, yeah...tested it out, a little awkward at's fun to use though...And note to self, pencil tool=bad when you don't know what you are doing with it. Soooo...yeah...enjoy this little screenie of me making an awfully drawn pony.

Also yeah...if anyone can give me tips or links of tutorials of using the wacom more better, feel free to give them to me! Not gonna let this device on the side, gathering dust. I spent almost 80 bucks for it.

Attempt #2

Attempt #3

I gots a wacom tablet what?


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2011-04-25 23:54:14

draw more ponies.

Deadchick responds:

I will get on it! :3


2011-04-26 00:10:18

Draw a pony combined with something else.

They already did TF2 ponies.
Spartan ponies.
Vampire Diary Pony.

Deadchick responds:

Hmm...well...what about, a newgrounds pony? o3o


2011-04-26 00:19:18

You need to be able to draw one stroke per line in order for it to come out right, so you'll have to change the way you draw if you want to get good :(

Deadchick responds:

Hmm, yeah I agree, I always do that when I sketch on actual paper, so it should be the same right?


2011-04-26 01:06:48

After a month or so that pen will be an extension of yourself, trust me :)

Deadchick responds:

I am looking forward to that, thanks for the words of encouragement :3


2011-04-26 02:08:32

I got a wacom tablet a week ago or something and I'm very used to it now. It's much better than a mouse.

Deadchick responds:

Really now? kinda weird to use it at a mouse, but I will have to check that out.


2011-04-26 07:20:13

You know, I just thought about this...

Pico Day is this Saturday. You know what to do...

Deadchick responds:

Hmm...I think I know where you are going with that....


2011-04-26 08:34:41

The Wacom Bamboo tablet IS something you have to get used to. My best recommendation? Spend as MUCH time with it as you can. You will find little preferences that only you have, which actually does lead to a even more unique style to your art. Soon, you'll feel naked without it. Give it a week to a month(Varies from person to person), and it will no longer be a piece of technology, it becomes an extension of the soul.. Can't wait to see what you get out of the little bugger!

Deadchick responds:

Yeah, I still have to find the preferences with it, But I guess two days in it you wont know everything of it. And yeah, just found out that program it came with it just earlier, so it's making things much easier, still wanna know how to use it on Adobe Photoshop though.


2011-04-26 09:38:11

You're onto something with this picture.

The Riddler pony, make it happen.

Deadchick responds:

Lol, you know, never thought of that, I mean...there is tons of versions of...almost everything out there in pony form, haven't seen the Riddler yet, I think.


2011-04-26 11:22:26

I loves me some ponies :3

Deadchick responds:

I knooooow right? they are awesome =o


2011-04-26 12:49:24

haha. reminds me of the robot pony i drew on my friend's tablet. xD

Deadchick responds:

Really now? o _o
You know, I ALSO drew a robot pony for a friend too, just sketched on paper though.


2011-04-26 14:52:50

Dont draw ponies, draw penicorns, everyone loves penicorns ;)

Deadchick responds:

Well...can I draw them Laura Faust style then? Thats they only way I can draw them D:


2011-04-26 15:05:05

I remember when I got my tablet... It was the happiest day of my life! Just keep practicing with it and you'll get used to it. use as your primary pointer device for a while till you get you used to it.

How ever what I want... IS THIS!!! ractiveDisplays/DTU-2231.aspx

I had the pleasure I trying one of these out at comic-con.... IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!!

Deadchick responds:

Wow, that does sure look like something I would like, but dayum...thats a lot of money that I don't got :c And yeah, been using the tablet as a mouse, little odd...but hey, if it's for my own good, I will keep at it.


2011-04-26 18:03:56

No advice on how to use it and such but suggestion possibly on drawing. A werewolf or vampire pony? :3 Idk, sounds fun and interesting and I'm obsessed with fictional evil-ish creautres XD

Deadchick responds:

Lol, oh yeah, the possibilities are endless when you draw something as a pony really, thats why they rock!


2011-04-29 02:47:27

You may wanna be careful how much detail you leave in screenshots. Not because of personal details like whoever Ryan is, but because you're effectively shrinking the item you wanna show off.

That said, that actually looks pretty neat, and the pencil tool is there for mistakes, you sketch what you wanna draw then make a new layer and go over it in pen, then delete the original pencil once you're happy. Do what you want though, if you prefer directly drawing then that's fine too.

And the mark needs to be a penis, representative of the thing you love <3


2011-05-10 23:26:04

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Give it up, Azteca89, we all know you're a man :3


2011-05-10 23:27:04

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2011-06-18 22:36:15

At least you're making better progress than I, A few rage filled hours of yelling at the computer, and randomly screaming at cats and I'm still no where close to any of those.


2012-06-18 08:46:56

It's not an awful drawing. I think it's pretty good.